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2021 06 09


The essence of "classical" music is, nearly always, to disturb you.  It is emphatically not Muzak; it is not "relaxing" background noise.  Yeah, music is beautiful but it's not just pretty saccharine sounds or a nice Hummel figurine.  If it doesn't disturb us in some way, if it just repeats received conventions mindlessly, then something is deeply wrong.  

Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Mahler, Stravinsky, Bartok, Shostakovich, Aho, Sculthorpe, Sallinen -- they all understand this and worked with it, and in all of them it's what we recognize as part of their genius.  And their music should sound like that, even if only a little -- but a lot is good too.  

All of them, varying degrees of subtlety, worked to disrupt conventions and unexamined habits of thought and perception, to try to lead you to hear, see, and think in new directions.  The conductor George Szell said, "The great composers do not expect us to be robots executing orders.  The expect us to be creative in the direction of their thinking."

So:  Composed music from all over the world, from 25 centuries ago to works premiered this morning.  Familiar works in extraordinary performances; special rarely-heard music; comparisons of performers, styles, and traditions with context from history, politics, art, philosophy, science, and culture; and the occasional live concert -- all presented in a somewhat mad style.

The show has been on air at Co-op Radio since 1978 -- the longest running classical radio show in Canada, and maybe even the world. 


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