Get the satisfaction of knowing that you are helping to keep independent community radio on air by becoming a member of Vancouver Co-op Radio.

And also:

  • A share in the co-op that runs the station

  • Opportunities to Become the Media - Come down to the station and get involved with programming and other volunteer opportunities

  • Access to training and equipment in our new studios

  • Bi-annual mailings (by request) of The Listener's Guide with current program schedules and news

  • Great give-aways (CDs, concert, and movie tickets) and discounts at local businesses, arts and music organizations

  • Voting privileges at Co-op Radio's Annual General Meeting

  • Discounts at the following local businesses: 

    10% off at Highlife Records (except for tickets) 1317 Commercial Drive
    15% off everything at Carson Books & Records 4340 Main Street
    10% off at Far Out Coffee Outpost 2173 Dundas Street
    10% off at Audiopile Records and CDs 2016 Commercial Drive
    10% off at Spartacus Books 3378 Findlay Street