• Tuesday 7-8pm


My name is Christine Marie and this is Blackfeather; everything tribal.  For those who are just joining in, we just got moved into Monday evening slot temporarely during the Covid pandemic.  Think NDN will return once the studio re-opens and in the meantime, the station has made some changes to some of our programs.  It is an honor to welcome you and I hope you will enjoy Blackfeather; everything tribal.

About our show:

The world once was tribal and over time, some teachings have survived while many were lost.  This show is about celebrating, sharing, remembering, healing and reconciling those teachings.  It welcomes all who take an active part in healing, decolonizing, fighting for the rights of all, including land, waterways and air beings around the world.  Be it in the beginning part of the journey or speaking with an experienced or elder, Blackfeather celebrates everyone.

We recognise traditional, contemporary, fusion, classical, and all forms of storytelling which connects with the traditional ways of all nations, honoring all that lives on Mother Earth.  In today‚Äôs world, we still share our one Great Mother; we need to unite.



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