Spring Member Drive March 31 - April 9, 2017

This year as we headed into our 42nd year on air, our Spring Member Drive theme was the Co-op Radio Experience: All Different All the Time.
No better way to kick off the Spring Member Drive than with our Annual Birthday Bash, this year on March 31st at the Wise Hall! 

We invited all Co-op Radio programmers, members, alumni, listeners, supporters -- and those who want to hear some great music and be live on air -- to come celebrate with us!

Enjoy the Co-op Radio Experience: All Different All the Time live, in-person, in real time! More details below. 

If you appreciate the current affairs, arts, music and language programming that make up Co-op Radio Experience: All Different All the Time, we invite you to show that appreciation with support during our Spring Member Drive March 31 – April 9. Become a monthly sustainer – this helps the station most – and you can be part of the Co-op Radio Experience continuing from the past, through the present, into the future.

Listen to special programming during the Drive starting with the Trane to Train Special from 2:30 - 9:30 March 31st.

Call 604-684-8494 during the Drive or go to our website coopradio.org to become a member, renew your membership or make a donation.

Birthday Bash March 31 at the Wise Hall. Doors at 8.
Live music. Broadcast live on Co-op Radio 100.5FM and www.coopradio.org.


Fall Member Drive October 14 - 23, 2016 Summary

During the Fall Member Drive Oct. 14 - 23, Vancouver Co-op Radio asked renewing and current members to give a little extra to help with the renovations needed to ready the long-term Columbia Street station space for our return. And you did!

Every one of those extra donations made (before noon on the last day of the Drive) was matched by a Co-op Radio member and volunteer who had pledged to match extra donations, new memberships, and new donations up to $10,000. We had 44 new members as a result, and countless donations from people who had not given before. We also hit our goal of $45,000 at noon on October 23, and the support just kept on coming. You pledged $52,625 towards Co-op Radio’s general operating costs (which are $350,000/year), and to help with renovation and move costs. That move back to Columbia Street is expected to happen in January 2017. Our tech crew and contractor and sub-contractors are in the process of preparing the space now.

The financial support is one thing, but to know that you appreciate the programming that volunteer programmer-members make, with their own time, energy and passion, has another value all its own. The programmers’ and station’s roots run deep in many listener communities - - as well as at Co-op Radio’s long-term station space in the Downtown Eastside -- and your support demonstrates that.

Thank you to every single one of you – listeners, members, donors, supporters of every kind!


Spring Member Drive April 14 - 24 2016


Fall Member Drive 2015 Wrap-Up -- Thank you for your love!

Thank you to all the new members and renewing members who pledged their support to the station during our recent member drive! We especially appreciate annual members who switched to monthly support as this helps the station most. And of course, we also want to thank those of you who make donations without becoming members. 

The total pledged during the Fall Member Drive 2015 was over $32,000. We are processing those donations, and will continue to do so as your contributions come in to match what you have pledged. Every penny of this goes towards our $330,000 operating budget, and supports the volunteer programmers creating your favourite shows. 

We also sold all our CDs, which brought in a few hundred dollars and will also save us some money not having to pay rental for space to store them! It was fun having you visit the station. Thanks for coming out during the deluge on Nov. 1. 

Many listeners, in all of the above categories, when they or you call in to donate, or we call to follow up with pledges, tell us how much they appreciate Co-op Radio existing, even if they do not listen all the time (or even at all). You get the importance of an alternative media source not tied to an institution nor reliant on advertising revenue. Your support brings this to life, and keeps us doing what we do. Thank you for showing us your love. 

Listen on air for listener testimonials, as well as look for our transit shelter ads with a listener, a guest, and a community partner answering the same question: Why do you love Co-op Radio? Participate in our contest on twitter to win a chance to be an on-air guest. 

If you want to get involved in the station, check out the Station Orientations the third Tuesday of every month at 6:30 at our current station location of 2014 Wall Street. 

Call Pam at Member Services any time if you have questions about donations or membership: 604-684-8494 ext. 230 or email her at community@coopradio.org. 

Next Member Drive will be mid-April 2016, but you can contribute or get involved any time. 

To donate, click the Donate to Co-op Radio button on the top right of the website, or donate here!



We are now in our Fall Member Drive October 23 - November 6, 2015.  We invite you to Fall in Love (again) with Co-op Radio.  40 years together! Let's fall in love for another 40 as we prepare for our move back to the heart of the city in 2016.

We will be having a CD Sale Sunday, November 1 in station. If you come into the station on the afternoon of Nov. 1 any time from 1 - 5 pm to become a member, renew a membership, make a donation, or switch from being an annual member to being a monthly sustainer, you will receive two free CDs of your choice from our music library (which we have now digitized). Or you can just come and buy CDs. $2/CD; 6 for $10. Some programmers will also be in attendance.


During our Spring Member Drive  April 10 - 24, 2015, we celebrated Co-op Radio's 40th Anniversary!

And thanks to you, we raised over $34,000! We added 32 new members and had 174 renew their commitment to our community. 211 monthly sustainers continue to keep our station thriving.

Friday, April 17 at the WISE Hall was our 40th Celebration and Appreciation of all past and present programmers, volunteers, staff, and members. To all those who joined us, thank you for making it such a big, fun party! Thank you also to the dozens of volunteers who made it possible, and all the entertainers who donated their time and talent! 


Thank you to all who donated during our  Fall Member Drive Oct. 17 - 31, 2014.
Welcome to our 49 new members, and welcome back to our 130 Renewing Members! 
With donations from our monthly sustainers included, we raised $33,386.50.  

Of course, we have operating costs all year round, and you are invited to join and/or donate at any time.  Your support is always welcome. 

To donate, click the Donate to Co-op Radio button on the top right of the website, or donate here!


Thank you for your ongoing support!