Volunteering in the Technical Department will help you build your technical skills, meet new people, apply your ideas to real situations and share skills with other volunteers. 

Positions range from building audio cables to helping with live in studio sound setups to advising on a Technical Committee.

Volunteer Positions in the Technical Department:

Studio Maintenance Technician.pdf73.68 KB
Assistant Live Band Studio Technician - Volunteer.pdf116.46 KB
MAC Sound Technician - Internship.pdf128.38 KB
Technical Committee - volunteer.pdf110.93 KB
Technical Services - Sound Effects Library Club.pdf126 KB
Technical Services - Technical Assistant.pdf150.1 KB
Training Volunteers - Volunteer.pdf114.94 KB
Volunteer Job Posting - IT Assistant.pdf131.18 KB
Volunteer Job Posting - MAC Program Assistant.pdf120.52 KB
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