Office line: (604) 684-8494

Studio line: (604) 684-7561


The station is currently located at 2014 Wall St. in Vancouver:

2014 Wall St, Vancouver, BC V5L


Please direct all mail to:

Vancouver Co-operative Radio
110 - 360 Columbia Street
Vancouver, BC
V6A 4J1

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Director of Member Services
outreach [AT]
(604) 684-8494 ext. 230

Director of Financial Administration
admin [AT]
(604) 684-8494 ext. 227

Director of Programming Administration
programs [AT]
(604) 684-8494 ext. 226

Director of Technical Services
technician [AT]
(604) 684-8494 ext. 228

Public Service Announcements can be sent to:
cfro-psa [AT]

Board of Directors of Co-op Radio
board-liaison [AT]